Catholic Icing Monthly Membership: April 2023 Printables

Everything you need to celebrate each month: home altar printables, activity and coloring pages for kids, printable crafts, bonus printables, and more!
April Home Altar Printables

Celebrate the Liturgical Year the Easy and Affordable Way

Have you always wanted to celebrate the saints and live the liturgical year more fully in your home or classroom but feel overwhelmed by it?

Maybe you don't have the time to pull it all together.

Maybe you feel like you aren't even sure where to start.

Or you might have tried to do it before but then life got in the way and you still had your March decorations up in July.

We've been there and we understand!

We recommend that you consider joining the Catholic Icing Monthly Membership, you'll get access to new printables before the start of each month that are perfect for your home, family, and children.

However, if you're not ready to join and you just want some materials for April or you are a member but joined after April 2023 and want these materials, then this one-time purchase of the April 2023 pack could be right for you!

We are an Easter People Art Printable

April 2023 Catholic Icing Monthly Membership Checklist

(After each printable item, the section to find it in the membership area is listed in parentheses and italics)

Printables and Projects to Use Anytime During April and/or All Month:

  • Home Altar Printables - most of these are designed to be printed before the month and displayed in your home throughout the month, such as the Litany of Saints, Important Feast Days, Scripture Cards, etc. (April Home Altar Printables)
  • Perpetual Calendar for your prayer table or home altar (Home Altar Starter Kit)
  • Liturgical Seasons Block Project - includes two different versions that can be made (Home Altar Starter Pack)
  • Liturgical Seasons Display (Home Altar Starter Pack)
  • Liturgical Recipe Card Dividers - perfect for organizing our new recipe feature each month (Home Altar Starter Pack)
  • Spiritual Communion Triptych and Holy Cards (April Home Altar Printables)
  • April Family Activity Page (Starter Pack: Monthly Family Activities)
  • Saint of the Day/Week/Month Display (Starter Pack: Saint of the Month/Day/Week)
  • "April is Dedicated to The Eucharist and the Holy Spirit" Page (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • April Dedication Home Altar Printables (April Home Altar Printables)
  • April 2023 calendar page (April Calendar and April Calendar Stick On Labels)
  • April 2023 calendar stick-on labels plus general stick-on labels (April Calendar and April Calendar Stick-On Labels)
  • April Saint Mini Report Page (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • Handwriting/copywork pages with scriptures used during two Sunday Masses in April (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • April Saints Coloring/Craft Page (April Bonus Printables)

Printables and Projects Associated with Specific Feast Days
(but be flexible with yourself and your schedule; don’t skip something you want to use just because you miss a date):

  • April 2 - 8: Holy Week
  • Holy Week and Easter Activity Wheel (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • Holy Week and Easter Banner or Story Cards (April Bonus Printables)
  • Holy Thursday and Good Friday are both on the Saints and Feast Days Spinner (April Home Altar Printables)
  • Good Friday Scripture Lunch Printable Set (April Liturgical Recipes)
  • April 5:
  • Saint Vincent Ferrer is on the April Saints Coloring/Craft Sheet (April Bonus Printables)
  • April 9: Easter Sunday/Start of the Easter Season (many items can be used through the end of the month)
  • We are an Easter People Art Print (April Liturgical Art)
  • Easter Word Search Printables (2 versions) (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • Saint Pope John Paul II “We are an Easter People” Quote Coloring Page (April Coloring Pages)
  • Paschal Candle Wrap (April Home Altar Printables)
  • Resurrection of the Lord is on the Saints and Feast Days Spinner (April Home Altar Printables)
  • Christ and the Two Marys Artwork (April Home Altar Printables)
  • Resurrection scene by artist Estêvão Gonçalves Neto artwork (April Home Altar Printables)
  • April 11: 
  • Saint Gemma Galgani Coloring Page (2 versions) (April Coloring Pages)
  • Saint Gemma Galgani is on the April Saints Coloring/Craft Sheet (April Bonus Printables)
  • April 16: 
  • Divine Mercy and Divine Mercy Sunday Crossword Puzzle (2 pages) (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • Printable Divine Mercy Statue (April Home Altar Printables)
  • Divine Mercy Artwork (April Home Altar Printables)
  • Saint Bernadette Coloring Page (April Coloring Pages)
  • Saint Bernadette is on the April Saints Coloring/Craft Sheet (April Bonus Printables)
  • April 19:
  • Saint Expeditus Mini Book (3 options) (April Mini Books)
  • Saint Expeditus Block Craft (April Saint Block Craft)
  • April 21:
  • Saint Anselm is on the April Saints Coloring/Craft Sheet (April Bonus Printables)
  • April 23:
  • Saint George is on the April Saints Coloring/Craft Sheet (April Bonus Printables)
  • April 25:
  • Saint Mark the Evangelist Coloring Page (April Coloring Pages)
  • Saint Mark is on the April Saints Coloring/Craft Sheet (April Bonus Printables)
  • April 27:
  • Saint Zita Crack the Code Page (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • Saint Zita is on the April Saints Coloring/Craft Sheet (April Bonus Printables)
  • April 28: 
  • Saint Gianna Molla Cut Apart Puzzle in Color and Black and White (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • April 29:
  • Saint Catherine of Siena Statue Craft (April Saint Statue Craft)
  • Saint Catherine of Siena Mini Book (3 options) (April Mini Books)
  • Saint Catherine of Siena is on the April Saints Coloring/Craft Sheet (April Bonus Printables)
  • April 30:
  • Good Shepherd/Parable of the Lost Sheep Stick Puppet Retelling Set (7 pages) (April Activity Pages and Worksheets)
  • Good Shepherd Coloring Page (April Coloring Pages)

You'll also be able to download a starter pack that includes other items such as a perpetual calendar, liturgical season block craft and display, liturgical recipe card dividers, Family Activity Pages for each month, choices for a Saint of the Day/Week/Month Display, and more!

The April 2023 Pack includes over 125 pages of printables and resources! This membership is a wonderful resource and it's very affordable!

Home Altar Printables Example

Catholic Icing Monthly Pack Kids Printables

Saint Expeditus Saint Block Craft and Saint Mini Book

"Angie and Lacy have made my spiritual life so much more enriching." - Margaret R.

"Creating and having these pieces, especially the blocks, are a treasure for my kids. It brings the faith to life." - Christine H.

"Thank you both for doing this work. It is so very helpful to me in my classes, and worth far more than the cost.- Wendy B.

"We have been so blessed by this subscription!! Thanks so much for putting so much value into this bundle and making it so affordable!" - Victoria H.

"I just want to take this moment to say the kids in my CCD class LOVE all the activities and crafts! We have created home altars and they have learned about their patron Saints! There is such love and compassion poured into these materials and our children are growing in their relationship with Christ. We are so pleased to witness the spiritual growth of our community and we have you in part to thank for this." - Jan T.

"Honestly, this subscription has been such a blessing to my family and has allowed us to actually start celebrating feast days instead of just worrying about what we could [do] to mark them!" - S.

"I subscribed and downloaded EVERYTHING!! It's wonderful. I've been wanting to create a home altar for years, and I love how everything is in one place for me. I'm going to sit down with my arts and crafts-loving little girl and make putting this together a regular mommy and daughter activity. Thank you!" - Neches P.

"Just wanted to let you know that this membership has blessed my family so much!! My kids, husband, and I are loving everything that is included! Our home altar is so pretty with all of the monthly decorations. I love having so many coloring pages and activities to bring to adoration and use during our homeschool catechism lessons. Thank you!!!!" - Alexandra R.

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"WOW. I am absolutely blown away. Angie and Lacy have done it again! This membership makes things super easy to help my family live liturgically. No more wasted hours spent scouring the web-you just click and go! My favorite part is the monthly Saint Mini Book. I love that the worksheets are geared toward different age groups too." - Sam from Cultivating Catholics

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